Planning done and on the way

After more than 6-8 months of talking and planning (I have even lost track of when we started to think about doing the ride) I finally move to the next phase – action.  I am now sitting in the waiting area at Heathrow Airport awaiting to board the Qatar Airways flight to Doha and then onwards to Delhi, and funny enough, all the excitement that was there a few days ago appears to have left me.  I guess the adrenaline has run out for the moment after the stress of my last minute packing and checking in.

Revisiting my first blog about preparation, I now find it funny how after all those chats and discussions about what to take and not take, I actually packed my stuff about 8 hours before the flight.  And then comes the realisation that all that was recommended cannot fit into a baggage limit of 30kgs.  I wonder if any of the airline executives have ever packed their own bags and travelled on awpid-20150621_184028.jpg trip covering two different climate conditions.  The decision on what to take and what to exclude took about couple of hours and involved complete unpacking and repacking at least twice. Goondas be warned. 😀

Anyway, managed to get it down to few kilos (5kgs) more than the limit, and the nice chap at the Check-in counter did not make too much of fuss.  But then he sees my camera bag and asks me to put that on the scale …. 17 kgs.  My first thought was WOW…I carry that on my shoulders all the time. 😀  Then the nice chap suggests I include that in checked-in luggage and we start a long discussion about guarantee that my camera gear will not be damaged..blah blah blah.   Ultimately, he gets fed up with me and lets me carry on (Now that is an achievement) 😀

Next challenge…getting through the security.  Normally I always get picked at security due to my trekking boots which are Steel-toed.  To avoid any unnecessary attention on this trip I decided to leave the boots home and instead took a pair of normal Trainers.  The Airport Security must have thought we cannot allow Nimish’s journey to be less stressful….so instead they decide to strip search the whole 17kg camera bag.  Every camera body, lens, battery, memory card, you name it, was individually inspected, swabbed and scanned.  A normal 2-3 minute passage through security took precisely 40 minutes, albeit with a smiling face.  However I am not sure if the security lady was genuinely being pleasant or was enjoying my plight, but may be next time I should drive to wherever around the world I want to visit.  😀 😀 😀

Anyway, all done now until I reach the chaos at Delhi, which I am sure will be another story to tell.  Till then time to put feet up and enjoy the airline hospitality (I hope). 😀  😀


10 thoughts on “Planning done and on the way

  1. Well written Nimish. 17 kgs of camera gear!!! Between you, Rakesh and Jatin I think this trip will produce some wonderful pictures of unseen parts of India. Good luck for the trip.

    • Priti,

      I don’t know whether I can match that weight. Nimish is a little way ahead of me on that count. Now that you mention it, the returning with ‘wonderful’ pictures will now become a ‘No Pressure’ kind of situation. Each photo will be taken with a perspiration across the brow – the challenge to make each picture ‘wonderful’.
      Challenge accepted. On behalf of all the PoshGoons !

      ~ Rakesh

    • Thanks Priti. Until now I never felt my camera bag was heavy, but now that it has been weighed I keep thinking “it’s heavy” 😀

    • Toral,

      Do you mean to say he’s not expected to take good pictures during the Ladakh Ride. Are the other PoshGoondas not worthy enough?


  2. Dont worry everything will be fine once the stress wears off..and once with the roaring Tigers, you too will be roaring to go on this wonderful Top of the world ride.
    Have fun nd drive safe..nd have a safe flight.

    • Meeta,

      With the type of equipment and electronics we’re carrying, and in my past experience, the Security Checks at origin and the Customs Check at Destination (Delhi) can be the most stressful part of the whole trip. The times in between are the enjoyable bits.

      ~ Rakesh

  3. Happy journeys to you, old chap, and to the other Goondas of course, posh or otherwise.

    Look forward to hearing more soon.

    • Thanks Andrew. Remembered you yesterday…as I was photographing a Kingfisher (not the bottled one). Have sent you the snap by email.

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