Photography Gear Prep – Memory Cards WIP

Focussing on getting all the photography gear ready and preped for the assemble and pack. 

Right now, collecting up all the SD Cards (for the Camera) and MicroSD Cards (for the GoPro) and cleaning them up. Cleaning up meaning, saving and backing up all the image files currently on the Cards. This will leave all the cards empty and with maximum space available. Normally I would save the images on a chronological file system – which I probably already have, since that has been my storage work flow for a number of years now. However, at this time, to save time, I’m just dumping all the image files on my server with the folder name titled the type of Card the images came from. In case, any of the images were not filed and stored away earlier, I still have the original copies to curate, file and store. 

Please do share any tips – suggestions related to Memory Cards and the related management by leaving a comment. You can leave a comment by clicking on the ‘Leave a Comment’ link above.


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4 thoughts on “Photography Gear Prep – Memory Cards WIP

  1. Keep as many as you can! Cheap, cheap and so cheap now!! The three things you’ll bring back and treasure forever are memories, pictures, and stinky clothes. Well, maybe just the first two.

    • Chandra,

      Looking at 90+mb/sec cards – not so cheap cheap and so cheap 🙁
      Also, the plan is to download all images every night on to Ext HDD that we’ll be carrying.

      ~ Rakesh

  2. Don’t forget portable USB chargers – cheap and oh so useful. Almost everything can be charged by USB. Might not be a bad idea to strap on a couple of 20000mAh on your bikes to power everything. Do bullets have dynamos and accessible USB ports?

    • Chandra,

      I have a couple that I’ll be carrying. The Bullets may not have USB ports. They are not standard equipment – but Aftermarket addons. We could hook up a USB Charging Port directly to the battery, I’m thinking. This should be easy to do. The main Battery Guzzlers will be the iPhone and the GoPro. Back up batteries for the GoPro in place. And we don’t expect to ride so long that batteries running out will become an issue. Overnight stops will be the recharge times. Rider and Equipment.

      ~ Rakesh

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