Non-Motorcycle Gear

Ten days to Take-Off.

Time to get organized with the Non-Motorcycle Gear. To a large extent, the Motorcycle Gear has been the easiest and quickest to organize and Assemble. The safety and protection forced a list that can easily be checked off. No need for multiple sets of each items. One helmet, one jacket, one pant; Easy. Job done.

On the non-Motorcycle clothes, we’ll need multiples of some of the items. Shirts, Underwear (Boxers, Speedos etc). NonMotorcyleNot only for during the overnight stops along the ride, we’ll need ‘casual’ clothes for the Air Travel going in and then coming out. If we see this to be one of the problems, Nimish has it worse. He’s travelling to Ranthambore National Reserve related with this Tiger Preservation passion. This means he’s got to pack and carry gear for different weather conditions as well as the Motorcycle Gear. I don’t really envy him much. But he’s a Trooper and we’re sure he’ll get it sorted.

DISCLAIMER: The picture shown here DOES NOT represent our luggage. This is just a representation of the general topic of Packing. We may be Posh but not this Posh!

The items broadly per the list below to be assembled and packed:

Gear Notes
Shirts/T-shirtsIdeally it would be best to carry a T-shirt/Shirt per each day of use. Which takes it up to total 12 shirts. It might be overkill. But depending on the weather and our 'griminess', it might make sense. This particular gear item will probably the biggest 'bulk' we'll need to carry.
PantsKhakhis or Jeans. Major part of the day will be riding in the Motorcycle gear. 'Normal' Pants will only be needed for the times we've stopped for the overnight stops. I think we'll be quite safe carrying a khakhi and a pair of Jeans for the Ride period. These pants will also sit right for the air travel that we'll be 'enjoying' before and after the ride.
Under garmentsCan't have too many of these!
Warm Top / FleeceFor the possible cold nights at the higher elevations.
Thermal UnderwearFor the possible cold nights at the higher altitudes.
Night ClothesWarm top and bottom. Something like sweat pants and top.
ShoesFollowing Vir's suggestion, we'll be carrying light hiking type of shoes/boots for use while we're on our overnight stops. We expect to have some daylight when we stop which we'll use to explore and for those 'kodak' moments. A comfortable pair of shoes are thus necessary.
ToiletriesThe usual. Ideally a complete set in Travel size. These will help during possible use during our air travel also, if preferred.
MedicationsAny Prescriptions
Anti-Malaria Pills
Diamox - for Altitude Sickness. However, since we have a gradual climb to higher altitudes, we shouldn't really suffer from Altitude sickness.
Painkillers - for the Broken Butts
Bug RepellantGood call about this by Nimish. Best to carry a can, just in case.
Stuff SackFor the dirty laundry!
TowelAll the hotels we'll be staying at along with way should have the usual linen. If not, we'll probably be 'roughing' it out! ūüėČ

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4 thoughts on “Non-Motorcycle Gear

    • Thanks Chandra.
      Agree on your suggestion of the Convertibles. Quick drying and light to carry. Have that in the ‘penciled’ list. Final pack will probably see this go into the case!

  1. Small EDC Pack – flashlight, fire starter, knife/multitool, first aid kit, needle/thread, paracord, Bic lighter, nail clipper, poncho, small mirror, compass

    • EDC is also a good idea. But also looking at items to carry / weight etc. For this ride, all ‘breakdown’ situations will have the luxury of a backup vehicle following us.

      Thanks for the tip.

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